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We Are Bait Al Nobala Tent Rental, Furniture Rental And Car Parking Shade Manufacturer And Supplier OF Tents And Shades In Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE, Like Custom-made Traditional Tents, Ramadan Tents, Event Tents, Arabic Tents, Aluminum Tents, Banquet Tents, Relief Tents, Camping Tents, Mobile Tents, Exhibition Tents, Warehouse Tents and PVC Tents. 

Bait Al Nobala Is The Leading Furniture Rental Company for your Wedding, Seminar, Exhibitions & Birthday Parties. Furniture Rental In UAE.

Tent Rentals: Bait Al Nobala Tents offered in package prices and depend on the scope of the project. Tent & Shades provides local and nationwide support to Companies, including Festival Tent and Party Tent rentals for Corporate Events, Parties and Special Events.

Aluminum Profile:
The aluminum used to manufacture the tents halls is the structure same used to make strong and light weight airplanes (Hard Alloy 6061 T6), oxidation and rust proof. The outside cover used for roof and sides, is Fire retardant and conforms to the international fire standards M2, Waterproof, light penetration high resistance for heat (German made). The structure retains its initial shape and perfect tension thanks to the dimensional stability of the textiles.

Fabric Profile (Specification):

Soft Blackout PVC, 850 g/m2, PVC
Flame Retardant
Wind resistant
Easy Maintenance White in color.

Huge square footage capabilities in a short time
Wide open interior for unobstructed use
Incredible strength and durability in bad weather
Easy to heat and cool

Tent Rental Sizes
Clear Span Tents are available in numerous sizes for rental. The following guide gives examples of the most common tent sizes.

Tent Rental Width
Tent width sizes start at 5, 10, 20 & 50 m and increase in 5 meter.
Tent Rentals Length. Tent length begins at 5 meters and can increase at 5 meter intervals until your square footage needs are covered. Each 5meter increment requires the addition of a tent arch.

Tent Rental Height
Tent height offers two standard options:
10 m, 15 m, tents can have a side height of 2.5m.30 m, 40 m, and 50m tents can have a side height of 4m

Accessories for Tent Rentals
-Doors Fabric lining for the roof and sides
-Curtains, Carpet for the Ground
-A.C. Units

-DB Box
-Normal Chair & Table (With Cover)
-Chair & Table with cover
-VIP Chairs & Table (With Cover)

Local and National service by Rental Companies of Party Tents, Structural Tents, and corporate Tent Rental service For Parties or Any Type of Event.

We hope that our offer will be convenient for you and looking forward to hear from you soon. For further clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're always for your disposal.

Bait Al Nobala Tents And Fabric Shades,  offers  the most modern  car parking shade designs in UAE.  Operates  from  a modern industrial factory unit in Abu Dhabi,  Mussfah using the latest technology and highly sophisticated machineries for the design, manufacture and erection of fabric shades and structures. We are specialized in manufacturing   various  types  of fabric shades structures suitable for various needs. Car Parking Shades UAE, Parking Shades Conopy UAE, Sail Shades In UAE, Swimming Pool Shades In UAE, Fabric Shades In UAE, Arch Design Shades UAE, Bottom Support Design UAE, Cone Single Pole design UAE, Pyramid Arch Design, Pyramid Design, Single Pole Double Layer Design, Sail Design UAE, Mall Shade UAE, Hotel Shade UAE, Park Shade UAE, Play Ground Shade UAE, ETC.

Car Parking Shade Designs

  • Car ParkIng Shade Design
  • Cantilever Car ParkIng Shade – Top Support Design
  • Cantilever Car Parking Shade – Bottom Support Design
  • Arch Deign Car Parking Shade
  • Single Pole Car Parking Shade
  • Umbrella Type Car Parking Shade
  • Unique Pole Design Car Parking
  • Pyramid Arch Design Car Parking
  • Cone Design Car Parking
  • K-Span Car Parking Shade
  • Fiber Car Parking Shade
  • Car Park Shade – Back To Back
  • Sail Design – Car Parking
  • Single-Pole Double Layer Car Parking Shade
  • Wave Design – Car Parking Shade

We Also Manufacuturer, Car Parking Shade, Tensile Shade, Sail Shade, Sun Shade, Architectural Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Car Park Cantilever Shades, Hanging Shades, School Shades, Park Shades, Resort Shades, Hotel Shades, Mall Shades, Factory Tank Shades, Industrial Shades, Machinery Shades, Shelter Shades Doom Shades and all kinds of fabricated by PVC, knitted Shade Cloth, Laminated knitted Shade Cloth (waterproof), PTFE PVC HDPE. Portable Shade Bus Park Shades. ETC.